About Us

High school sweethearts, Thomas and Tracy met when they were 14 and 15 years old in California.  Thomas likes to say that he knew from the moment he laid eyes on Tracy, she would be his wife someday.  They were married at 21 and 22 and spent the first two years of their marriage living in Niger, Africa as Christian missionaries.  It was there that God grabbed their hearts for the desire for "Family" and what that might look like for them someday.  Upon returning home, their first son was born and as hearts expanded to overflowing with love and craziness they were eager to see as many children as God would give as the greatest blessing in their lives.  He indeed added to their numbers graciously and they found themselves on a Hay Farm in South Texas with a problem on their hands.  All these children meant a lot cooking and eating on the farm and they knew there had to be a better way to have little ones at the table and not on their knees!  The booster seats available at the time were few and far between.  Almost all of them came with obnoxious straps that ended up being a cleaning nightmare as well as an eyesore after just a few sticky peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  It was the winter and they had time on their hands, "Make hay while the sun shines," as they say, but when the sun ain't shining, this mama and papa went to work and let their creativity flow!  Out came the cutest little booster seat, reminiscent of bygone days in diners, yet fashionably updated with non-toxic, BPA laminated cotton in the best of colors and patterns. They would carry these seats around, keeping one in the back of their trunk at all times, and at the homes of friends or restaurants they couldn't help but be stopped at every turn with people wanting more information about where to buy one.  It sparked a dream right then and there to make more and sell them casually on the side for extra pocket money.  However, what they didn't realize is the immense popularity the seats would garner in just a short period of time and thus the supply had to keep up with demand and they did their very first "show" at Round Top, Texas in 2010.  They brought 40 seats and sold 80 as well as went home with dozens of wholesale contracts and market advisors begging for the product in their showrooms.  Shocked, these two went full time in to making SweetSeats for the masses.  It just snowballed from there.

They have since moved to the luscious land of Tennessee and they're thrilled to be able to make you something your family can and will enjoy for many years to come!