*  Why are there no straps on the SweetSeat?
SweetSeats are designed to be strapless.  We just like them better that way.  We           prefer the seamless look, feel, and ease of not "messing" around with those silly     straps on other boosters. 
*  Are SweetSeats safe?
Yes!  The weight of the child on the seat coupled with the round base makes for a    very secure and stable fit on a dining chair.  They will fit in chairs with no arm rests and chairs with arm rests, whichever you already own.
*  What ages are recommended for SweetSeats?
We recommend 18 months to 6 years
*  How do I clean my SweetSeat?
We recommend a damp (not wet) microfiber cloth.  Simply wipe clean.  DO NOT submerge in water.
*  Can I use it on the floor?
Absolutely!  Some of the best childhood fun happens with a SweetSeat on the floor.  Think: Lincoln log mansions, wild train track creations, play-doh sculptures, reading timeless classics.  It has even been known to be a useful stepping stool in a pinch.
*  Can I use it on a bench at the table?
We do not recommend using the SweetSeat on any backless chair such as a bench.
*  Can I get a custom print?
Yes!  Contact us for details.
*  Is it food safe?
All of our materials and fabrics are BPA-free and non-toxic.  
*  Where are SweetSeats made?
Every single SweetSeat is made by hand in Tennessee, outside of Nashville.
*  Do you ship internationally?