Black and White Damask

Black and White Damask

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Superior in style and class, this SweetSeat looks as good at the dining table as it does on a picnic table at your family reunion. Timeless and lovely in every way.

Every SweetSeat is handmade with great attention to detail.  Unlike other booster seats, the SweetSeat will put your child at the perfect table height with ample room for your child's legs under the table.  No more gap between your tiny diner's mouth and their plate on the table!  SweetSeats are designed to sit on top of any dining chair...and are very stable.

SweetSeats are covered in a child-safe, food-friendly laminated cotton which is super easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth. No more jelly fingerprints, no more sticky straps, no more hard and cold plastic. It's compact and portable too! You can take this chair anywhere your tiny diner wants to go.

Give your child a boost in style!

h 10.25" x w 11.5" x d 5"